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Hospitality and catering gas safety

Safe operation of commercial catering gas appliances

As commercial catering appliances are used constantly, regular servicing is required to ensure they are performing efficiently and operating safely. Apart from operator error, most gas-related incidents in commercial catering occur due to lack of servicing of the appliance.

Regular attention by the owner/user and annual attention by a competent and appropriately licensed serviceperson is recommended.

Second-hand commercial catering appliances

If you plan to install second-hand commercial catering equipment in your business, you must ensure minimum safety standards are met.

Second-hand equipment must bear a Certificate Number issued by either the Australian Gas Association (AGA) or SAI Global, indicating that when new the equipment met the required standards.

Second-hand appliance safety

Often the service history of a second-hand appliance is not available, making it hard to determine if its safety features have been maintained. A certification badge or number is no guarantee of safety in this situation, and the relocation of an AGA Tier Two-approved appliance voids the original certification, which was site-specific.

Safety standards

ESV requires the following minimum standards to be verified by the installer of second-hand commercial catering equipment. The appliance must be:

  • safe for customer use
  • electrically safe
  • suitable for the type of gas used
  • gastight and in a serviceable condition
  • controlled by a suitable gas pressure regulator
  • fitted with original control knobs or suitable replacements, and
  • meet appropriate combustion parameters.

Find a licensed gasfitter

Licensed gasfitters who can service new and second-hand equipment can be found on the internet or go to the VBA’s website for more information.

Contact us

If you have any queries in relation to gas safety at work or in commercial businesses, please contact ESV on 03 9203 9700 or email us at