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Spotters registrations

ESV manages the registration of Electrical Spotters and produces registration cards.

Registration lasts for three years and requires cardholders to maintain First Aid and CPR certification with CPR refreshed annually.

To renew registration every three years and receive a new spotters card with an updated expiry date, applicants must complete the spotters training again and provide proof the training was recently completed.

Spotters unable to access required training

Restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) have limited the availability of the required training.

Consequently, spotters will be unable to attend refresher CPR and First Aid training to maintain their currency and update their registration.

Interim position

While social distancing restrictions are in place ESV and WorkSafe have agreed that registered spotters will:

  • not be required to maintain currency with the annual CPR and three-yearly First Aid training requirements, and
  • be permitted to continue spotting activities where their registration has expired after 16 March 2020.

When social distancing restrictions are lifted, spotters will have three months to ensure currency with the annual CPR and three-yearly First Aid training requirements to update their registration where required.

This information will be updated as the situation evolves.

For more information about spotters, visit the Spotter registration and training page on our website.