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The Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) system explained

This handbook assists the electrical industry in understanding the requirements for purchasing, lodging and issuing COES as specified by the Electricity Safety Act and the Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations.

Revised August 2018

Completing Electronic Certificates of Electrical Safety (eCOES)

When inputting larger amounts of information into the ‘description of work‘ field or where the information is duplicated over a number of eCOES, the recommended method for inputting information is to:

  • pre-type the text utilising a program such as notepad or wordpad (i.e. removes all formatting)
  • review the text, correcting any errors and ensuring the characters, spaces and punctuation do not exceed the limit of 1000 characters in total
  • copy and paste the relevant information into the ‘description of work‘ field.
    Microsoft word is incompatible to perform this type of data insertion into the ‘description of work’ field on an eCOES.

Download PDF (9 mb)