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Gas information sheet 12: Consumer piping under public land

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The installation of consumer piping under public land or beneath roadways (i.e. outside of an allotment) is to be avoided where there is a feasible alternative. Where there is no feasible alternative, the general requirements of AS/NZS 5601 Gas installations Part 1: General installations for underground consumer piping should be followed.

Examples include:

  • Consumer piping from a remote LPG tank, needs to pass under a road or under public land.
  • Reticulated gas from one billing meter is sent to separate parts of an industrial compound.

Before you install consumer piping

Council requirements

Prior to you installing consumer piping outside an allotment on public land you may need to obtain one or more permits from the local government authority or local council. Permits may include a Road Opening Permit or an Asset Protection Permit. These describe your responsibilities and the council’s work standards.

Dial Before You Dig

You should contact Dial Before You Dig on 1100 to locate underground utilities. Dial Before You Dig is a free national referral service designed to prevent damage and disruption to pipe and cable networks.

ESV requirements

The Gas Safety (Gas Installation) Regulations provide for the installation of consumer piping outside of an allotment on which a gas installation is situated.

The person carrying out gasfitting work must give Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) at least 48 hours notice before installing consumer piping outside the allotment. At all times consumer piping must comply with the standards determined by ESV.

Consumer piping set beneath public land is considered a complex installation and therefore a gas fitting notice, known as an Application for Acceptance of Complex Gas Installations and Type B Appliances, must be submitted to ESV. This gas fitting notice should be accompanied with copies of local government or local council permits.

Underground consumer piping

Consumer piping shall be designed and installed to the requirements of AS/NZS 5601 Gas installations Part 1: General installations. Refer to Section 5.4 Installation of consumer piping

Consumer piping shall convey gas at a predetermined pressure and flow rate, be gastight and should not be subject to corrosion, stress other damage.

Note: You should mark your consumer piping because currently there is no requirement for consumer piping to be identified on the plans of the major asset owners.

For further information contact the Gas Safety Technical Information Line on 1800 652 563.