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Gas information sheet 01: Repair clamps (with or without tappings)

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Repair clamps are primarily for the repair of distribution mains and services and designed for underground use.

Permanent repair clamps (with or without tappings) are not permitted for use on above-ground gas consumer piping. Persons found to have used a clamp on above-ground piping, other than for a temporary repair, may be liable to prosecution.

The sealing component, of the clamp, is made of NBR (nitrile rubber). It does not meet the temperature hazard requirements for above-ground gas installations and therefore would be unsafe to use in that environment.

Refer to AS/NZS 5601:2013 Part 1 clause 2.3.1 Materials. Materials, fittings and components used in any gas installation shall be suitable for use with the environment in which they are installed.

It is acceptable to use permanent repair clamps on underground consumer piping provided that the pipe is in good condition. Install the clamp in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and take care not to distort the pipe when tightening the clamp. After the initial assembly, allow at least 15 minutes before re-tightening the clamp to the recommended tension.

Quote the consumer pipe material type and its size when purchasing a repair clamp to obtain the correct clamp for the job.

For further information, please contact the Gas Safety Technical Information Line on 1800 652 563.