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Using ESVConnect

Watch: Introducing ESVConnect

ESV produced an animated video to prepare electricians and our stakeholders for the introduction of ESVConnect. The video describes the functionality of the online system, and show how it will improve interaction with COES and Licensing services.

How do I login for the first time?

If you have an existing Online Services account, logging into ESVConnect for the first time is a step-through process from Online Services.

If you don’t have an existing Online Services account, logging into ESVConnect for the first time is also a straight forward account set up process. Read the full login process here.

In ESVConnect users can:

  • Validate the address entered on the Certificate of Compliance
  • Insert predetermined text for high volume work types in the prescribed Certificate of Compliance description of work
  • Add test results
  • Add photos and files to your certificate as proof of work completed at a point in time
  • Bulk handle Inspection allocations and bulk handle Accept/Decline inspection requests
  • Add notes to the certificate to assist in explaining location or other property details
  • Amend certificate details before final certification and generation of the COES, accordingly, ESV will no longer amend completed and certified certificates.

Can I still use paper COES?

  • Paper COES will still be used
    Over time they will be phased out as ESVConnect delivers more functionality.
  • Paper COES may still be purchased
    At an Agent or with ESV via the order form on our website.
  • Paper COES can only be lodged through the IVR phone system (interactive voice response) on 1300 360 366
    Lodgement of paper COES through Online Services is no longer available.
    Flowcharts explaining the IVR paper COES lodgement process – for LEI’s and the Responsible person.
  • I am an LEI who has never used Online Services or the IVR (interactive voice response) phone system. How will I lodge paper COES through the IVR?
    LEIs who apply through ESVConnect and are successful in obtaining an inspectors licence will have their details added to the Online Services database. A USERID and PIN will be provided for paper COES lodgement via the IVR.
  • I applied for an Inspectors licence in ESVConnect, can I inspect and certify work on a Paper COES?
    If your application is successful, ESV will provide you a User ID and PIN for the IVR phone system to lodge Paper COES.

Upon completion all copies of a paper COES must be distributed/mailed to the relevant persons, including the white copy to ESV.

Can I still use Online Services?

  • Online services will operate with reduced functionality. Prescribed COES still with an LEI or to be allocated to an LEI may be completed.
  • Inspection companies can allocate inspections to LEIs for completion.
  • Completed Certificates of Compliance declined in Online Services during review by the Responsible Person will be lost. A new certificate will need to be certified in ESVConnect.
  • COES completed in the last three years will be migrated to ESVConnect in the coming months.

What browser is best for ESVConnect?

ESVConnect is compatible with all major browsers including Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox.

Internet Explorer should NOT be used to access ESVConnect. Microsoft no longer support this browser and ESVConnect has not been built to operate on it.

Additional support

ESVConnect has inbuilt help functions to assist you with the new processes.

  • Take a tour – click through help screens demonstrating the main functions of the system.
  • ‘Help’ text – on each screen to assist users via step-by-step guidance.

What new functions are relevant to me?

My Installations

‘My Installations’ is the new area for LEW’s and REC’s to complete their certificates.

Available Certificate amounts are visible, and the electrical installation certification process can be followed through the different tabs and status.

Bulk allocate to your LEI is also available.

My Inspections

Inspectors have a similar view and can follow the electrical installation certification process through the different tabs and status’.

Inspectors also have a bulk Accept/Decline option to improve efficiency when working in ESVConnect.

My Certificates tab

The ‘My Certificates’ tab provides a view for all who have a relationship with a certificate to view and print the Certificate of Electrical Safety.

This means the LEW who certified the work, the REC who approved the Certificate of Compliance and for Prescribed Certificates, the LEI who certifies the Certificate of Inspection, can view every Certificate for at least 3 years.

Sorting information by column

Users can sort all views by column and apply a filter to each column.

Purchasing COES

Can an Electrician purchase certificates in ESVConnect?

Yes. An Electrician can purchase Prescribed and Non Prescribed Certificates in ESVConnect. However, the purchased certificates can only be used to certify electrical installation work performed for ‘No profit or gain’ or electrical installation work performed for an employer that is not a registered electrical contractor.

Can a Restricted Electrical Licence holder purchase certificates in ESVConnect?

Yes. A Restricted Electrical Licence holder can purchase Non Prescribed Certificates in ESV Connect.

Can a Switchgear Licence Holder purchase certificates in ESVConnect?

Yes. A Switchgear licence holder can purchase Prescribed and Non-Prescribed Certificates in ESVConnect. However, the purchased certificates can only be used to certify electrical switchgear work performed for an employer that is not a registered electrical contractor.

Paying for COES purchased in ESVConnect

Credit card is the only form of payment accepted by ESVConnect.

Certificates of Electrical Safety

How much information can be typed into the description of work?

The description of work section can accommodate 2,000 characters.

Who do I send the Certificate of Electrical Safety to?

Your customer, the person or organisation that employed/engaged you to perform electrical installation work

Who is the customer? Landlord, tenant or agent?

Electricity Safety Act 45A (1)(b) – the person who the work was completed for i.e. who engaged and paid you.

Can I email the Certificate of Electrical Safety to my customer?


Are the defects on the certificate of inspection printed on the Certificate of Electrical Safety given to the customer?


Will certificates be emailed to REC?

No, all completed Certificates of Electrical Safety are available for view and distribution in the my certificates section of the dashboard.

What about installations that don’t have an address?

The address can be manually filled in.

Certificate of Compliance

Who can draft and save a Certificate of Compliance?

A Licensed Electrical Worker, a REC Technical Supervisor or a REC operator.

Who must certify a Certificate of Compliance?

The Licensed Electrical Worker responsible for completing the electrical installation work.

Who can accept or decline when reviewing the Certificate of Compliance?

The responsible person identified on the Certificate of Compliance. For a REC this is the Technical Supervisor or the LEW if completing under a licence.

What happens to the Certificate of Compliance when returned to the Licensed Electrical Worker? (The return loop)

The Licensed Electrical Worker can amend any incorrect information and re-certify the certificate of compliance.

If there is a general inaccuracy on a Certificate of Compliance, not related to instrument etc, can this be returned?

The Technical Supervisor can return the Certificate of Compliance in the ‘Tech Supervisor return loop’ and the Licensed Electrical Inspector can return using ‘ESA Defect 45A’.

Should max demand and consumer mains capacity be mandatory?

a. What if people don’t understand these questions?
b. Do they legally have to complete?

Yes, refer to the Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009

  • 251(1) Certificates of compliance refers to section 44(3)(c) of the Act
  • 251(2) in relation to maximum demand and
  • 251(3) for consumer mains capacity.

Help and support has also been built into the system for those who are unsure what they are required to do.

Inspection Companies (ICs)

Why can’t I see my inspection company details in ESVConnect?

All IC’s must consent to having their information on ESVConnect before it can be made available.

Complete the Inspection Company Request Form and return it to:

Manager, Licensing and Registration
Energy Safe Victoria
PO Box 262
Collins Street West VIC 8007

Or scan and email to:

Allocate to an Inspector

Who can allocate a Prescribed Certificate of Compliance to an Electrical Inspector or inspection company?

The responsible person identified on the Certificate of Compliance, for a REC this is the Technical Supervisor or the LEW if completing under a licence.

Does an LEI or Inspection Company have to accept the request to complete an inspection?


Can an Inspector print a completed Certificate of Compliance?

Licensed Electrical Inspectors can print a Certificate of Compliance for inspection purposes only.

Certificate of Inspection

Can an LEI certify a Certificate of Inspection as non-compliant with defects?


Can an LEI send a Certificate of Compliance back to the LEW with defects for rectification?


Can an LEI send a Certificate of Compliance back to the LEW with certificate amendments for rectification?


Does the system prevent electrical workers inspecting their own work?

Yes. Security rules prevent a LEW from selecting themselves to perform their own inspection.


Who can see the defects listed on the certificate of inspection?

The Licensed Electrical Worker, the Technical Supervisor, the business supervisor, the REC Operator, the Licensed Electrical Inspector and ESV.

Why does ESV collect data about defects listed on the certificate of inspection?

ESV uses this information for future training and education.

Will ESVConnect work off existing defect numbers?

No. The content of the list is the same.

ESVConnect requires you to select the instrument (legislation or standard), select the relevant clause, insert a description of the defect and where it is located, then click submit.

Do we record defects even if they are rectified in loop?

Yes. Defects must be recorded on the certificate of inspection for the return loop to the LEW to work.

Contact us

For advice and information about COES or using ESVConnect for COES, contact our COES team in the following ways: